Terms of Service

Terms of Service


-By commissioning the artist, the client will be held responsible to all items in the Terms of Service whether the client has taken the time to read them or not.

-The artist retains the rights to artistic expression and the limits of their personal style and will depict character(s) and design(s) how they best feel they will be expressed via pose, light source, lighting effects, etc.

-The artist retains the right to refuse or cancel and refund a commission due, but not limited to harassment, bullying, threats, stalking, etc.

-The artist reserves the right to refuse a commission based on the limit of subject matter or depiction of themes or illegal activity or personal reasons.

-It can take 1-3 business days to get the first response to a commission request.

-If a preview sketch Work in progress (WIP) is requested, it is the responsibility of the client to notify the artist of all desired edits at once! Major edits will only be available on the sketch WIP.

-There is a set 5 free edits in WIP (Work In Progress) stage per piece. After that additional edits will add to cost.

- Edits after I start lining and coloring will more than likely will not happen, if I do edit it in this stage it will be an additional cost.

-The artist does NOT have to provide a ‘refined sketch’ in addition to the sketch WIP.

-After a WIP sketch is approved, the artist will NOT make edits to the completed Lineart.

-The artist retains the right to refuse edits to the finished piece after the client has approved WIPs.

-50% to100% of Commission fee is required before artist starts drawing, as majority of work is spent on conception art and sketches.

-The artist will not allow Cancelling a commission in an attempt to avoid fees incurred from changes to a commission.

-Final Prices will be determined once it is revise by commissioner, you will receive an estimated price to the final cost. After both the client and artist agree on a set final the percentages of the taxes will be added to the bill. Sales tax is 2.9%

-Ordering a new commission in this instance will require payment of the fee before any new commissions are accepted.

-The client is NOT permitted to publicly upload the full-resolution file.The client must only publicly post a smaller-sized ‘display’ version. If the client is found posting or claiming the piece as their own, legal action will be taken.

-The artist’s signature and watermark must remain visible on the piece at all times where the client posts the completed work. Removal of the signature and/or watermark will be counted as theft!!!

-The client may request a refund at any time. If the client requests a refund, the amount refunded will be based on the amount of work already put into the commission.

-The artist retains the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission at any time due to personal decision based on the artist's ability to complete the commission in a timely matter, due to events in the artist’s personal life, or due to unsavory behavior by the client!

-The artist retains the right to keep a Termination Fee of 60% or more of the commission price if a client requests a refund after work has been completed.

-When a full refund is issued for a cancelled piece, the client does NOT retain the rights to the piece and thus cannot claim ownership! Again, If the client is found posting or claiming the piece as their own, legal action will be taken.

-Under no circumstances will the artist make available the original PSD files.

-The artist retains 100% ownership of the cancelled and/or completed piece. -If the client does not respond with in 3-5 days after the artist has contacted them the commission request will be canceled and the client will have to start a new request.

-The artist’s ToS is the FINAL authority in the commission process.