Poster Commissions

Greetings Muser's

I'd like to make this clear, I will not agree to doing anything until I have all the info and set a price with you. It is important to remember that all artist have their own style and medium. I will not go outside my parameters as I want to enjoy the work I do for you and do my best work. Please keep in mind these can take me hours or days to create and finish. Prices will be base on such works.

If I say no it's no, I will try my best to explain why but I have final say in what I want and don't want to draw.

Color is available for all categories, please make sure to let me know in commission forum.

Example ONLY

I will do:

I will Not do:

  • Animals

  • creature renditions

  • OC humans/animals (a detailed reference sheet/written information is made by Client)

  • Fan art (subject does not apply to all movies/TV shows/Animes/books)

  • Icons/Logos

  • Design a Character (priced under Extreme Detail, go to link for more info)

  • Super Heroes

  • Dinosaurs (Limited spots as I always like putting a lot of work into these so their cost is up there)

  • Some real life reference photos of people, animals, posters, and locations.

  • feel free to ask me about something that may not be on either list!

  • Graphic design (real photo to edit it) I'm not a photographer
    and don't use photoshop.

  • Mech/complicated machinery

  • harmful acts against or from any religious.

  • copyrighted scenes (this means copying a scene directly)

  • I am not comfortable with drawing any couple, straight, LGBTQ and so on. You love who you wish and I respect that, please respect me as well thank you.

Simple, no back ground

Price ranges; $25-$65

Detailed, simple background

Price ranges; $30-$85

Complex, moderate background

Price ranges; $50-$110